ZAC Zachary Suede

Mico Suede Color Hot Pink

Brand: Wilkinson's

Width: 54

Repeat: V 00.00 H 00.00

Country of Origin: China

Railroaded: False

Description: Microtex Zachary Suede in Hot Pink is a 100% polyester fabric. This suede fabric is very simple but very versatile. The hot pink color allows it to be a great accent color that will allow it to work with many different styles and designs. It can be used for many different things and is very durable.

Color: Red/Pink

Pattern: Texture

Category: Suedes

Fiber Content: 100% Polyester

Cleaning Code: Clean this fabric with pure solvents (Petroleum Distillate-Based Products). Professional dry cleaning is recommended. CAUTION: Use of water-based solvent cleaners may cause excessive shrinking. Water stains may become permanent and unable to be removed.

Usage: Multi Purpose

ZAC Zachary Suede